Current Projects

Boneyard VR
Boneyard War

Boneyard War/Encounter is a table RPG playable in VR created using Unity. I currently work on developing the gameplay.

Scatter Brain Games

Hexicon is a strategic word game where players try to capture tiles by using playing words using the majority of tiles around any given tile. It is being developed as part of a cross disiplinary team. We are creating it using Unity, with Firebase to store and serve game data. I primarily work on core gameplay programming.

Past Work


EarthShake is a mixed reality learning game. Nesra Yannier, a doctoral student at the delveloped the idea as part of her PHD. I worked on implementing the game and iterated on the design based on feed back as part of playtesting at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. EarthShake teaches young children the principles of stability and balance by combining physical and virtual learning. Children place physical towers on a table and guess which tower will stay standing when the table shakes using a tablet. The system gives feedback based on their guess and what happens on the table. Children can also build their own towers with guidance from the system based on the shapes it detects.

Inner Circle Entertainment

As part of the IDeATe Program at CMU, I'm currently taking Game Design, Prototyping, and Production. In the class, students are broken up into game studios of 5 to 6 people for the duration of the semester. I'm a member of Inner Circle Entertainment otherwise known as ICE Games. More information about ICE Games and their games can be found on their website. Below are details regarding the work I've done for each of ICE Games's projects.

Sudoku In Pieces

Sudoku in Pieces is a Sudoku variant that combines elements of Sudoku and jigsaw puzzles. Find out more about the project here. I programmed Sudoku board generation, touch controls, and various other scripts.

Tick Tock Planet

Tick Tock Planet is a rhythm based platformer nearing the end of development. Find out more about the project here. I served as a producer, programmer, and level designer. I programmed scripts for various environmental and hazzard objects, and designed numerous levels and puzzles.

This Little Piggy Went to the Tool Shed

This Little Piggy went to the Tool Shed is a survival adventure game. Find out more about the project here. I served as a producer, programmer, and level designer. I programmed core game functionality and the character controller.


Design documents I've written for ICE Games can be found below.

Game Design Outside of ICE Games

Additional Design documents written outside of ICE Games for Game Design, Prototyping, and Production can be found below.


Computer Graphics

One area of computer science that I am very interested in is computer graphics. Most recently, I worked on Parallel BVH Construction on a CPU based on Efficient BVH Construction via Approximate Agglomerative Clustering for the final project of 15-418 Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming.

I've worked on a number of renderers. In December of 2014 I am working on a Ray Tracer for the Oculus Rift that casts rays to directly render barrel distorted images. I implemented a proof of concept of the project based on Tom Macwright's Literate Ray Tracer Project. The proof of concept javascript raycaster workedCheckout the writeup, presentation, and demos of the proof of concept.

Other projects I've worked on include a Monte Carlo Ray Tracer, a Parallel Sort-Middle Tiled Renderer, and an image processing pipeline for a mock camera.


Planetary Robotics

In 2013, I participated in multiple projects for the Planetary Robotics Lab at Carnegie Mellon. In the Spring of 2013, I worked on refitting the 'Red Rover' Prototype Rove with new hardware and set up a system for future software development. I replaced old hardware with newer parts, rewired the rove, documented all changes to the hardware and wiring, and set up a functionality for future developemtn using 'Red Rover'. 'Red Rover' uses the Robot Operating System(ROS) framework.

In the Fall of 2013 I took Mobile Robot Design. In Mobile Robot Design, the class was tasked with designing and building a rover that would satisfy the requirements of the Google Lunar XPRIZE Milestone Prizes. I served as a member of the camera and software subteams. As a member of the camera subteam, I tested and analyzed various camera models that could meet the Milestone Prize requirements. As a member of the software subteam, I developed code directly related to controlling the cameras and collecting/transmitting images and video. In addition to these responsibilities, I served as the Document Master for the class, compiling and aditing material for a document detailing the design of the rover.